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When the right case comes along, we may suggest pursuing your claim as a class action.

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What is a class action?

In a class action lawsuit, we sue the defendant on your behalf, but also on behalf of all of the other people who have been harmed in the same way as you. If the judge certifies the class (agrees that the people have been harmed in the same way), a class action can be an efficient way of making sure that a widespread problem gets addressed.

To learn more about class actions, please contact the Egan Legal Team.

What cases are right for class action?

Some cases are ideal for class treatment. These usually involve some widespread harm that affects many people in the same way. Examples include a company's policy of underpaying overtime, a dangerous product on the market, a utility overcharging for fees, and many others.

Class action also makes it possible to bring some cases that would not be practical as individual cases. For example, some claims are relatively small. For each person with that small claim, there usually isn't enough money at stake for them to pursue the claim on their own. But with a class action, all of those small claims get added together, and now the case is large enough to be worth pursuing.

Why should I bring a class action?

In most cases that are appropriate for class action treatment, the wrongdoer is getting away with their bad actions by spreading them over many people. They reap huge benefits (usually in the form of profits) because each individual victim is unwilling to fight them over what may seem like a small claim. With a class action, one brave person is all that is necessary to challenge that company's wrongful practice. When you stand up for your rights in a class action, you are also taking a stand for all of the other people's rights who may not be able to stand up for themselves.

Will a class action cost me more?

No. Class action laws allow judges to award attorney fees to successful plaintiffs. Because of the class action mechanism, your costs may even be less than if the case were pursued on an individual basis only.

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