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Why we do what we do

Every day, we see powerful people abuse their power. Employers take advantage of their employees because so many people can't or don't know how to fight them.

We fight for you and people like you. We pursue monetary verdicts and settlements for our clients for two reasons. One is to try to compensate them for the hardship they have experienced. But each lawsuit also benefits the future victims of those who ignore laws, morality, and common decency in pursuit of the bottom line. Making them pay money when they break the rules is the only way to hold them accountable. Corporations don't do the right thing because it is right. They do it because we make it too expensive for them to do the wrong thing.

The Egan Legal Team represents only those who have been injured or wronged. We never work for corporations, employers, or insurance companies. They may be able to buy scientific experts, advertising, and political influence, but they can't buy us. The law is not only our job, it is our calling. Goodness, Decency and Justice are not just words. They are what allow all of us to live together as a society.

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